Rex Lassalle

For over 30 years I have worked with thousands of individuals using a variety of bodywork, nutritional and herbal techniques. In addition, I have taught many thousands of hours of shiatsu bodywork around the world. I currently reside in London, England, although I frequently travel to other countries to teach shiatsu courses and give treatments.

It is my desire that this new website acts as a resource for my current students around the globe, and also as an information source for those who may benefit from my work. Visit the site regulary as you will find many new and interesting updates concerning shiatsu techniques, nutritional information and tips for your well being. Enjoy!

Rex teaching in Helsinki, Finland, April 2009


β€œRex Lassalle is an excellent shiatsu practitioner. His meditative calm can relax you as if you went through a Zen Koan. When the treatment is over, you are left with a well-rested body and a clear mind. I recommend him highly.”

Yoko Ono, Studio One, New York


β€œRex’s approach to Shiatsu has always been very immersed in the present moment, and he is constantly updating his techniques and approaches and looking at the challenges that we as Shiatsu practitioners face as we look to the future.”

John Lewis, Shiatsu teacher, Finland

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