Essential Oils & Healing

Sleep now a nightmare

Why can’t I sleep? Am I doing things that are sabotaging me from getting it that I am not even aware? What is it that I am doing that I don’t even realize, yet it is obvious … read more »

Marma Points & Feelings Kit Ritual

The profound work of Gary Young and the genius of his insights with his Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are given added depth when one is aware of the Vedic System of Marma Points in doing the Ritual … read more »

Marma Points Chart

How to use marma points on your face to create healing … read more »

Healing your Feelings

In the ancient text of the Medicine Buddha tantra it is is clearly stated THAT ALL DISEASES ARISE FROM DISTURBING EMOTIONS. Over almost 40 years … read more »

Young Living essential oils

These essential oils have created a quantum shift … read more »

Alchemic Spa Facial

Modern life in a large urban city has left most of us disconnected … read more »