Marma Points Chart

Many people are curious about Marma Point Charts. Let me outline a simple way to use these charts focusing on just 2 points initially. KAPALA and SHANKHA, these are located on the face. Kapala and Shankha are listed on my charts of the face. Gently massaging the Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential oil blend JOY on Kapala will help eye function, support the hormonal system as this point as a direct relationship with the Pituitary Gland.

Kapala massaged with YLEO Joy will also lower stress levels and has a calming effect on the mind. Gently massaging Shankha with Joy or another oil blend from the same company called BRAIN POWER on this point helps decrease acidity in the body, can help with cases of vertigo and ringing in the ears. This point combined with this oil is a great help for Tempero Mandibular Joint problems. Migraine sufferers may very well find that using the Brain Power Essential Oil blend on this point will have a soothing effect on the head and nervous system. These are some of the simple applications of these 2 Young Living Essential Oils on these two points.

You can use my Young Living International ID No. 1117477 to order any of the mentioned oils.

Get the 4 Marma Points Charts here

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