Feedback – My Spa Massage

“The experience of a Rex Lassalle treatment is like unravelling your own dream whilst still awake. His attunement to your body brings insights from which one would otherwise have remained ignorant.

Like many fine things in life Rex should be experienced at least once, as the memory will continue to live on.”

Dr. Anthony Soyer
The Diagnostic Clinic


“Rex Lassalle is a unique bodyworker, who is able to combine technical excellence with an intuitive touch, having worked with Shiatsu for over 36 years. Rex taught the first generation of Shiatsu teachers in the UK in the 1970′s. His training as an Osteopath has enhanced his understanding of the rhythms of the body.

Throughout the years, Rex’s intuitive qualities have been sharpened by his understanding of the 9 Star Ki system of astrology, which when incorporated into his bodywork often allows a deep and profound treatment to unfold.

During the last 15 years I have received numerous treatments from Rex, helping to unwind the body and refresh the mind, whilst his humour always helps to keep my heart open. In recent years Rex has developed various treatment programmes, such as his signature treatment the Shiatsu Ginger Ritual, which nourishes the central nervous system and adrenal glands and always leaves me feeling revitalised. Rex is a complete practitioner, a rare quality these days.”

Marc Salmon MSc, C.H.M, Dip Ac, Dip. Homtox


“Rex Lassalle has a gift of healing hands and an altruistic presence. He sees you as you really are – beyond your words and appearance. He listens to you and your history, but can sense what your soul needs to tell him. He has a very humble and unconditional approach towards every person he meets, which allows him to use the universal energies for healing.

If anyone will ever be offered a chance to meet Rex Lassalle and moreover a chance to learn from him, one should grasp that chance at once. Rex Lassalle has the ability to open student’s own Akashic records from which the student can access their own hidden powers from then on.

As a true guru who tries to make himself unnecessary as soon as possible, Rex Lassalle guides you to the beginning of your own path as a healer.”

Eila Hellgrén, Finnish Healer and Beauty Therapist


“Rex Lassalle is an excellent shiatsu practitioner. His meditative calm can relax you as if you went through a Zen Koan. When the treatment is over, you are left with a well-rested body and a clear mind. I recommend him highly.”

Yoko Ono
Studio One, New York

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