General feedback

“I am very impressed with Rex Lassalle’s work. The term “Shiatsu” has been used loosely lately and when I first met Rex, I didn’t expect much from the sessions. I had great, surprising results. Pains I had been feeling for a long time in my lower back and knees disappeared and months later, have yet to return.

His hands are knowledgeable and caring. I felt immediate confidence. His presence is calming. He is a Master. I look forward to the opportunity of getting more work from him.”

Nilce Silveira,
International School of Structural Integration, Brasil
Founder and Instructor


“The experience of being in the hands of Rex Lassalle brings wisdom to the deepest healing. The depth and breadth of his knowledge seems to know no bounds and his highly developed senses of listening tunes into the exact area of tension needing release.

The work I received from Rex brought me insights that I will be exploring for years to come. My body and my deepening understanding of how to care for myself is a lifelong process and I now feel I have been given the correct tools and insights into how to live in tune with my unique rhythm.

The experience of receiving his work is second to none. I only wish everyone I know and love could be as privileged as I have been to work with him. I cannot thank Rex enough for his healing presence and endlessly insightful wisdom.”

Gillian Duffin
Structural Integration Practitioner
Dublin Ireland


“I am a graduate of Rex Lassalle’s Shiatsu School and have received abundant knowledge, treatments and blessings from him over the last twenty years.

Rex is a master who truly abides in his practice; he has a strong silent presence that invites you home to yourself. He reads the body like a sacred book, listening deeply to what is NOT being said. Rex is a compassionate being with a deep understanding and reverence for the human condition. He draws from his vast experience in various healing modalities to facilitate awareness and healing. A session with him is pure bliss!

Rex is also an exponent of crazy wisdom so one usually leaves with a smile.”

Ann Marie Terry

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