The Signature Treatment involves the application of a ginger compress to the kidney area of the lower back, along with precisely focused use of shiatsu pressure point therapy.

The ginger compress is done by applying a towel, which has been dipped into a basin filled with hot water and freshly grated ginger, over the kidney area. This hot towel is then covered by several thick cotton towels to retain the heat and left in place for 4-5 minutes as Rex’s skilled fingers work along the kidney meridian areas of your calves and feet. This process is repeated for 50 minutes to an hour, along with shiatsu to the hips. This is the first part of the Signature Treatment. The treatment then goes on to address other areas of imbalance that Rex has observed during the first hour’s work.

Benefits of Ginger Compress to the Kidneys

1. It stimulates blood and body fluid circulation throughout the body. It brings fresh oxygen to the kidney region which helps to ease tightness and any discomfort in the lower back. It strengthens the kidneys.

2. It helps to loosen and dissolve stagnant toxic matter from the kidneys.

3. It creates a deep relaxation for both body and mind. It is the best treatment for overcoming jet lag as besides creating a spacious feeling in both body and mind, it restores the functioning of the adrenal glands which take such a beating with air travel and the hustling agendas that surround airports.

4. It generates deep restful sleep and helps to break bouts of insomnia. In the oriental model of body function, the kidneys govern the brain and sleep. The kidneys also govern our hair, bones and hearing.

5. It supports the regeneration of the body’s core energy. Again, in the Oriental model, the kidneys are the storehouse of your constitutional energy. High stress levels and a high caffeine intake exhaust the kidneys, as do long periods on the cell phone, as kidneys also govern hearing. Many of us are walking around with deep levels of exhaustion – this Ginger/Shiatsu ritual, together with good nutritional support, will help restore these core levels of energy in our body.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will this be good for my Detox program?

This will be excellent as the kidneys are the processing plant for waste fluid in the body and this Ginger/Shiatsu treatment addresses this directly as it enhances the efficiency of kidney functioning.

2. I suffer from high blood pressure and circulatory problems: will this be ok for me to have?

Rex’s experience in this area is that over more than 25 years of doing this treatment with patients who have this condition is that it is very supportive and helps them feel deeply relaxed and more at ease in their lives.

3. I am feeling down and a bit depressed and emotional: won’t the treatment take me deeper into those feelings?

The treatment will do a lot towards lifting you up. In the oriental model of how the body functions, fear and anxiety states reside in the kidneys. This treatment will support the shifting of these emotional states.

You will feel greater clarity of mind plus Rex uses special acupuncture and marma points to help shift emotional stagnation from your system as he works on you. You will feel very much more comfortable about being in your body.

4. I get panic attacks at times with rapid heart beat: wouldn’t this improvement in my blood circulation make me feel worse?

The Ginger/Shiatsu ritual focuses on the kidneys, the organ that controls the heart in the Oriental model. So in fact you will feel more relaxed and this improved blood circulation will ease your anxiety states.

5. You mentioned that it helps to neutralize exhaustion and added that simple nutritional guidelines can help with this. What are these guidelines?

Rex has more than 35 years experience in the field of holistic bodywork and his training programmes throughout Europe have guided many students and patients in overcoming states of deep exhaustion. Rex listens to the specific pattern of exhaustion each client manifests, and offers them guidelines that are precisely targeted to their individual needs. You will find his suggestions very practical and helpful.


“Rex Lassalle’s knowledge and ability with Shiatsu far outweighs anything I have ever experienced before, even though my job involves trying out spa treatments across the world.

What differentiates Rex’s approach is his individual connection with his clients coupled with his ability to get right to the heart of the matter. His treatment does not stop with Shiatsu, either, but is truly holistic, in that he will also advise on remedies to support one’s well-being.”



Media Coverage & Customer Feedback.

The Daily Telegraph Ultratravel, May 2006


Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Customer Guestbook.

29th September 2005
“Rex was amazing, I can actually walk up straight again. He must have done
some sort of magic in that room, it was mind blowing. I will definately come
and tell all my friends to come and see him.


1st October 2005
“Rex amazing, I have travelled all over the world in Mandarin Oriental Hotels
and he is the ‘Best’. His Shiatsu is amazing, I will be back to see him.


8th October 2005
“Rapturous about the Shiatsu inspired ginger ritual. Rex was outstandingly good,
please pass on my thanks.


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